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Food & Alcohol

As a professional carrier for handling food and alcohol, base on good world wide agent network, we are importing the best food and alcohol to China with efficient and convenient Customs clearance and warehousing, distribution service.  We can also provide refrigerating transportation by our good team on declaration for food and alcohol. Also we have all through service for sea/air transportation with import label pre-auditing, import declaration, inspection, agent for import trade, warehousing and distribution. Our business scope is including:
Edible oil (olive, sesame, chili oil)
Meat product (beef, chicken, pork, ham, etc.)
Dairy product (milk, baby milk powder, etc.)
Beverage (instant coffee, fizzy drink, mineral water, natural water)
Spices (all kinds of sauce, instant cook sauces, spices)
Candies (hard candy, jellies)
Nuts and dry fruits (cashew nuts, pistachios, pecan etc.)
Biscuits and cookies (cheese cakes, rice cakes, biscuits)
Alcohols (wines, beers, tequila)
Snacks (seaweed, potato chips, prawn stripes)